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Drub  v. t.  (past & past part. drubbed; pres. part. drubbing)  To beat with a stick; to thrash; to cudgel. "Soundly Drubbed with a good honest cudgel."

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"Drub" Quotes from Famous Books

... Namely, by this: as soon as rarer grows That air in front of the ring, and space between Is emptied more and made a void, forthwith It happens all the air that lies behind Conveys it onward, pushing from the rear. For ever doth the circumambient air Drub things unmoved, but here it pushes forth The iron, because upon one side the space Lies void and thus receives the iron in. This air, whereof I am reminding thee, Winding athrough the iron's abundant pores So subtly into the tiny parts thereof, Shoves it and pushes, ...
— Of The Nature of Things • [Titus Lucretius Carus] Lucretius

... antiquated. antiguo antique, old. antipodas m. pl. antipodes antojar vr. (with personal dative) to have a fancy or desire. anudar to knot. anunciar to announce. anadidura addition; por —— in addition. anadir to add. ano year. apagar to extinguish, dim. apalear to drub, beat with a stick. aparatoso ostentatious, magnificent. aparecer to appear. aparejar to prepare. aparente apparent. aparicion apparition, appearance. apariencia appearance. apear vr. to alight. apellido name, surname. apenas hardly. apero ...
— Novelas Cortas • Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

... &c. (superiority) 33. defeat, conquer, vanquish, discomfit; euchre; overcome, overthrow, overpower, overmaster, overmatch, overset[obs3], override, overreach; outwit, outdo, outflank, outmaneuver, outgeneral, outvote; take the wind out of one's adversary's sails; beat, beat hollow; rout, lick, drub, floor, worst; put down, put to flight, put to the rout, put hors de combat[Fr], put out of court. silence, quell, nonsuit[obs3], checkmate, upset, confound, nonplus, stalemate, trump; baffle &c. (hinder) 706; circumvent, elude; trip up, trip up the heels of; drive into a corner, drive to ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

... fine a mangy sheep could scrub, Or nobly fling the gospel club, And New-Light herds could nicely drub, Or pay their skin; Could shake them o'er the burning dub, Or heave ...
— The Complete Works of Robert Burns: Containing his Poems, Songs, and Correspondence. • Robert Burns and Allan Cunningham

... against a leaden farthing, he is what I say. So, lie ye both here, I say, till I show you how I drub this fellow." So saying, Robin Hood stepped forth from the shade of the beech tree, crossed the stile, and stood in the middle of the road, with his hands on his hips, ...
— The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood • Howard Pyle

... Please yourself. There is still a door open to you. You can go back to your garret this very moment if you choose. Say the word and my servants shall strip you of your smart feathers and drub you into ...
— If I Were King • Justin Huntly McCarthy

... battle. This was how it came about. The Emperor was anxious. He had seen the Red Man, who said to him 'My son, you are going too fast for your feet; you will lack men; friends will betray you.' So the Emperor offered peace. But before signing, 'Let us drub those Russians!' he said to us. 'Done!' cried the army. 'Forward, march!' said the sergeants. My clothes were in rags, my shoes worn out, from trudging along those roads, which are very uncomfortable ones; but no matter! ...
— Folk Tales Every Child Should Know • Various

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