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Chevy  n.  (Written also chivy, and chivvy)  (Eng.)
A cry used in hunting.
A hunt; chase; pursuit.
The game of prisoners' base. See Base, n., 24.

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"Chevy" Quotes from Famous Books

... In 1826 Landseer painted "Chevy Chase;" it was the only historical painting he ever did, and still remains at Woburn Abbey, where it originally went. The animals in the picture are excellent of course, but this sort of painting was not that in which Landseer showed his best. This year of 1826 was ...
— A History of Art for Beginners and Students: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture - Painting • Clara Erskine Clement

... a sort of forest mother of the pied infant reared and trimmed by historians to show the world its fatherly antecedent steps. The hand of Rose Mackrell is at least suggested in more than one of the ballads. Here the Welsh irruption is a Chevy Chase; next we have the ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

... merrie conceit it is," said Blackstrap, "and an excellent memoranda of the eminent book-sellers of the present time." "Ay, sir," continued the veteran; "all our old ballads had the merit of being useful, as well as amusing. There was 'Chevy Chase, and 'King John and his Barons,' and 'Merry Sherwood,' all of them exquisite chants; conveying information to the mind, and relating some grand historical fact, while they charmed the ear. But 262your modern kickshaws are all about 'No, my love, no,' or 'Sigh no more, lady,' ...
— The English Spy • Bernard Blackmantle

... for its limitations—for what it has not, rather than what it has. In the first place there are no long poems. There is nothing which even remotely resembles an epic—no Iliad or Divina Commedia—not even a Nibelungen Lied or Chevy Chase. Indeed, narrative poems of any kind are short and very few, the only ones which I have met with being two or three ballads of a sentimental cast. Didactic, philosophical, political, and satirical poems are also conspicuously ...
— Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic • Sidney L. Gulick

... remains the most marvellous and fruitful we have ever had. Emerson awakened us, saved us from the body of this death. It is the sound of the trumpet that the young soul longs for, careless of what breath may fill it. Sidney heard it in the ballad of 'Chevy Chase,' and we in Emerson. Nor did it blow retreat, but called us with ...
— Ralph Waldo Emerson • Oliver Wendell Holmes

... Atkins. Haven't I told you it is dangerous? Do you want to spread this thing about and kill off all your children? And you, Mrs. Barnett, must give the example. I won't have you running chances with those babies of yours. Do get out, like a dear woman, and chevy these other ones out ...
— Sweetapple Cove • George van Schaick

... Taken in the raid which led to the battle of Otterburn, in Northumberland, in the year 1388, and which forms the theme of the ballads of Chevy Chase. ...
— The Lady of the Lake • Sir Walter Scott

... so much he loves it, though he never did sing or play a note. That he hath ever endeavoured in the late King's time, and in this, to introduce good musique, but he never could do it, there never having been any musique here better than ballads. Nay, says, "Hermitt poore" and "Chevy Chese" ...
— Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete • Samuel Pepys

... the rest, of small account, Did many thousands die. Thus endeth the hunting in Chevy Chase, Made ...
— English Songs and Ballads • Various

... Why, the legend of King Arthur, and Chevy Chase too, of which even your fellow-sinner Sidney cannot deny that every time he hears it even from a blind fiddler it stirs his heart like a trumpet-blast. Speak well of the bridge that carries you over, man! Did you find your Redcross Knight in Virgil, ...
— Westward Ho! • Charles Kingsley

... moved {105} aside, were already covered for dinner. This venerable apartment, which had witnessed the feasts of several generations of the Osbaldistone family, bore also evidence of their success in field-sports. Huge antlers of deer, which might have been trophies of the hunting of Chevy Chace, were ranged around the walls, interspersed with the stuffed skins of badgers, otters, martens, and other animals of the chase. Amidst some remnants of old armour, which had, perhaps, served against the Scotch, hung the more ...
— A Book of English Prose - Part II, Arranged for Secondary and High Schools • Percy Lubbock

... long our noble King, Our lives and safeties all! A woeful Hunting once there did In Chevy Chase befall. ...
— English Songs and Ballads • Various

... announcing the arrival and departure of trains. You see the Scotch express pass along the bridge and speed southward on the wings of steam. But no alarm spreads along the border now. Northumbrian beeves are safe. Chevy-Chase and Otterburn are quiet sheep-pastures. The only men at arms on the battlements of Alnwick Castle are of stone. Bamborough Castle has become an asylum for shipwrecked mariners, and the Norman Keep at Newcastle has been converted into a Museum of Antiquities. ...
— Lives of the Engineers - The Locomotive. George and Robert Stephenson • Samuel Smiles

... prosper long our noble king, Our lives and safeties all; A woful hunting once there did In Chevy Chase befall; ...
— The Book of Brave Old Ballads • Unknown

... twenty-third volume of the Dublin University Magazine, Dr. Moir, who had undoubtedly good opportunities of knowing, mentions that his first contribution to Blackwood was the Latin translation of "Chevy Chase," in the number for November 1819; if this be correct, many of the cleverest papers that appeared under the name of Odoherty, and which are all popularly attributed {12} to Maginn, must have been the work of other authors, a circumstance which I had been already led to suspect from ...
— Notes and Queries, Number 192, July 2, 1853 • Various

... young ducks, swimming up stream. The ducks chevy the flies, taking them out of the very mouths of ...
— Angling Sketches • Andrew Lang

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