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Anthropology   Listen
Anthropology  n.  
The science of the structure and functions of the human body.
The science of man, including the study of the ditribution of physical and cultural attributes in relation to man's origin, location, history, and environment; sometimes used in a limited sense to mean the study of man as an object of natural history, or as an animal.
That manner of expression by which the inspired writers attribute human parts and passions to God. See also anthropopathite, anthropopathism, anthropomorphist.

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"Anthropology" Quotes from Famous Books

... of Minnesota. Department of Northwestern Geography and Chartology. Department of American History. Department of Oriental History. Department of European History. Department of Genealogy and Heraldry. Department of Ethnology and Anthropology. ...
— The History of Minnesota and Tales of the Frontier • Charles E. Flandrau

... that instructors were assigned for eight-year periods. And he knew that the major's specialty was the Planeteer science of exploration, a specialty which required him to be an expert in biology, zoology, anthropology, navigation and astrogation, and land fighting—not to mention a half dozen lesser things. Only ten Planeteers rated expert in exploration, and ...
— Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet • Harold Leland Goodwin

... till that record was obtained, as it happily has been, first by his own unaided researches in the islands, and afterwards by the united researches of a band of competent enquirers. In the history of anthropology the Cambridge Expedition to Torres Straits in 1898 will always hold an honourable place, to the credit of the University which promoted it and especially to that of the zealous and devoted investigator who planned, organised, and carried it to a successful conclusion. ...
— The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead, Volume I (of 3) • Sir James George Frazer

... account of the sin in the garden of Eden, and the transgression and punishment of Adam, so much weight had been attached, it also in a philosophical point of view became the grand authority of Patristic science. Astronomy, geology, geography, anthropology, chronology, and indeed all the various departments of human knowledge, were made to ...
— History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science • John William Draper

... human society, declare, accordingly, that crime (an abnormal and anti-social form of the struggle for life, just as labor is its normal and social form) is destined to disappear. Likewise they think they discover a certain contradiction between socialism and the teachings of criminal anthropology concerning the congenital criminal, though these teachings are ...
— Socialism and Modern Science (Darwin, Spencer, Marx) • Enrico Ferri

... standing astraddle, with the air of one who owned the street, the strange being continued, 'Yes, I am lecturing on astronomy, anthropology, archaeology, palaeontology, embryology, eschatology,' and so on in a thunderous roll of theoretical sciences apparently beyond the scope of any single university, let alone any single professor. Having ...
— What I Saw in America • G. K. Chesterton

... historical and normative sciences, are fully separated from phenomenalistic psychology, will there appear on the psychological side room for a scientific treatment of the phenomena of social life, that is, for sociology, social psychology, folk-psychology, psychical anthropology and many similar sciences. All of them have been in the usual system either crowded out by the fact that history and the other mental sciences have taken all the room or have been simply identified with the ...
— Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 • Various

... practical anthropology, and left us, so there were but four to be provided. At eight o'clock the following morning, four decent horses and two pack animals were waiting at our door. A mounted arriero was in charge, to accompany us. Although he had been inefficient on the preceding ...
— In Indian Mexico (1908) • Frederick Starr

... a branch of Anthropology, as this is a subdivision of Zooelogy, and this, again, of Biology. Ethnography differs from Ethnology in dealing more with details of description, and less with ...
— Outline of Universal History • George Park Fisher

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