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Amalgamate  v. t.  (past & past part. amalgamated; pres. part. amalgamating)  
To compound or mix, as quicksilver, with another metal; to unite, combine, or alloy with mercury.
To mix, so as to make a uniform compound; to unite or combine; as, to amalgamate two races; to amalgamate one race with another. "Ingratitude is indeed their four cardinal virtues compacted and amalgamated into one."

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"Amalgamate" Quotes from Famous Books

... prizes were passages to California, and the lotteries were very popular. The French, or keskydees, as they were universally called, always went about in gangs, while the other nationalities were more inclined to amalgamate with the rest of the community. We saw, also, several "Dutch Charleys" who had struck it rich. They were moon-faced, bland, chuckle-headed looking men, generally with walrus moustaches, squat and heavy, with fatuous, placid smiles. I suppose they ...
— Gold • Stewart White

... from all that I can hear or see, not at all pleased with the present order of things, and they much lament the being severed from France. The two people, the Belgians and Hollanders, do not seem to amalgamate; and the former, though they render ample justice to the moderation, good sense, and beneficent intentions of the present monarch, who is personally respected by every one, yet do not disguise their wish to be reunited to France ...
— After Waterloo: Reminiscences of European Travel 1815-1819 • Major W. E Frye

... to see the wisdom of his plan to amalgamate with the organ of the Labor unions was a great disappointment to Partridge; for he had been working towards this consummation for some time, devoutly wished it and considered the time opportune for such a move. He believed it to be of vital importance to "the Cause" and its future. In October ...
— Deep Furrows • Hopkins Moorhouse

... then announced that not only could he project his ethereal body from his material body in the manner he had already demonstrated, but that with his ethereal body he could amalgamate with inorganic matter. He bade those on the stage approach the table in convenient numbers, i.e. two or three at a time, and listen attentively. He then took his stand on one side of the stage, about fourteen feet from the table; and the audience approaching ...
— The Sorcery Club • Elliott O'Donnell

... tested by inverting the direction of contact, and in other ways, they were found to be due to other causes than the one sought for. A little difference in temperature; a minute portion of the nitrate of mercury used to amalgamate the wires, entering into the water employed to reduce the two cups of mercury to the same temperature; was sufficient to produce currents of electricity, which affected the galvanometer, notwithstanding they had to pass through nearly five hundred feet of water. ...
— Experimental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1 • Michael Faraday

... the lamp appeared to suffer from some nervous affection which made its flame jump spasmodically at intervals. The mattress on my bed was extraordinarily diversified in contour by little mountain ranges, kopjes which could not be induced to amalgamate with its general plan. Also, I was not so much alone in my sanctum as I had hoped to be. There were other forms of life, whose company I do not think I ever entirely evaded during my whole period as a lodger of the poorest grade ...
— The Record of Nicholas Freydon - An Autobiography • A. J. (Alec John) Dawson

... seven nations, which combine in themselves the whole of humanity, will join together and amalgamate like the seven colors of the prism, in a radiant celestial arch; the marvel of Peace will appear eternal and visible above civilization, and the world, dazzled, will contemplate the immense rainbow of the ...
— The History of a Crime - The Testimony of an Eye-Witness • Victor Hugo

... will take cooked food from them." [53] In the Central Provinces they are fairly dark in complexion and of moderate height, and no doubt of very mixed blood. Where the Kurmis and Kunbis meet the castes sometimes amalgamate, and there is little doubt that various groups of Kurmis settling in the Maratha country have become Kunbis, and Kunbis migrating to northern India have become Kurmis. Each caste has certain subdivisions whose names belong to the other. It has been seen in the article on Kunbi that ...
— The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India - Volume IV of IV - Kumhar-Yemkala • R.V. Russell

... temple register the founder of the Dendzu-In, Ryo[u]yo[u] Sho[u]nin, entered the Hall in O[u]ei 22nd year 9th month 27th day (29th October 1415). One smiles. Ho! The Sho[u]nin lived two hundred and fifty-six years before, and dates do not amalgamate. How many generations had the Sho[u]nin seen when Kikujo[u] became a Buddha! The Mikatsuki Sho[u]nin becomes a bubble Sho[u]nin. The learning of this Mikatsuki Sho[u]nin was notorious, and it has been ...
— Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House) - Tales of the Tokugawa, Volume 2 (of 2) • James S. De Benneville

... medley": why, we know not. It approaches more nearly to the character of a regular drama, with the stage directions written into verse, than any other of his works, and it is composed consecutively throughout on the basis of one idea. It exhibits an effort to amalgamate the place and function of woman with that of man, and the failure of that effort, which duly winds up with the surrender and marriage of the fairest and chief enthusiast. It may be doubted whether the idea is one well ...
— Famous Reviews • Editor: R. Brimley Johnson

... northernmost state of Yen, which seems in the same way to have absorbed or to have exercised a strong controlling influence over the Manchu-Corean group of tribes extending from the Liao River to the Chao frontier; Ts'u, which now had the whole south of China entirely to itself, and managed even to amalgamate the coast states of Yiich in 334; and finally Ts'i. In other words, the orthodox Chinese princes, whose comparatively petty principalities in modern Ho Nan province had for several centuries formed a sort of cock-pit in which Ts'in, Tsin, Ts'i, ...
— Ancient China Simplified • Edward Harper Parker

... between. Crushed ore with water is admitted at the center between the cover and the pan, and is driven by centrifugal force through a mass of mercury (which occupies part of this space between the two) and out over the edge of the pan. The particles of metal coming in contact with the mercury amalgamate, and as the speed is regulated so that it is never great enough to hurl the mercury out, nothing but sand, water, etc., escape. There have been many different constructions devised, but this general principle runs through all. By having annular flanges running down from the cover with ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 613, October 1, 1887 • Various

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