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Agenda   Listen
agenda  n.  
A temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to.
Synonyms: docket, schedule
A list of matters to be discussed (as at a meeting).
Synonyms: agendum, docket, order of business
A motive or set of goals; as, to have one's own agenda; especially, A secret motive; also called hidden agenda; as, some of the news commentators themselves have an agenda.
Synonyms: goal, hidden motive, secret motive, hidden agenda.

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"Agenda" Quotes from Famous Books

... the narrative save in so far as it introduces Dick Blake and Eileen O'Creagh and removes any possible doubt that might ever have been felt as to their respective merits and their mutual suitability. That preliminary complete, we proceed to the real business of the agenda, and momentous, passionate, nefarious, diabolical, mysterious and incessantly exciting business it is, covering the gamut of private emotions and international complications. In such narratives I demand three things: the first, ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 146, May 20, 1914 • Various

... were all seated round the table Miss Mackenzie, who was chairwoman, took out the agenda and read its contents ...
— The Rebel of the School • Mrs. L. T. Meade

... They [urge the agenda?] and their brothers in their [mistaken?] folly. Like the women of Carthage [ ] ancient and magnificent city was [ ] they were ready to sacrifice their [ ] and if need be would have cut [ but it have been] so dear ...
— Minnie's Sacrifice • Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

... absurd little difficulties which are always cropping up at committees was on the agenda for to-morrow afternoon, and Miss Forsyth was counting on her help to quell a certain troublesome person. Still, she might go now, on her way home, and see if Miss ...
— Good Old Anna • Marie Belloc Lowndes

... procedure for the benefit of the inexperienced Pompeius when consul in 70 B.C., he was careful to mention the preliminary sacrifice and auspicatio, performed by the presiding magistrate, who also had to see that the business de rebus divinis came first on the paper of agenda.[526] At one time every speaker invoked the gods at the beginning of his oration, as well indeed he might in a situation so unusual and trying for a Roman before the days of Greek education; and the earliest speeches preserved in the literary age, ...
— The Religious Experience of the Roman People - From the Earliest Times to the Age of Augustus • W. Warde Fowler

... occupationem eius circa aliud.... Et quia Deus apprehenditur a sanctis ut ratio omnium quae ab eis agentur vel cognoscentur: ideo occupatio eorum circa sensibilia et sentienda, vel quaecumque alia contemplanda aut agenda, in nullo impediet divinam contemplationem, nec e converso. Vel dicendum quod ideo una potentia impeditur in actu suo quando alia vehementer operatur, quia una potentia de se non sufficit ad tam intensam operationem, ...
— The Happiness of Heaven - By a Father of the Society of Jesus • F. J. Boudreaux

... called, the one that has made the most lasting impression upon me related to a widely ramifying association in Berlin for the purpose of unnatural vice. The club arrangements of the accomplices, the agenda books, the levelling effect through all classes of a common pursuit of the forbidden—all this, even in 1835, pointed to a demoralization in no whit less than that evidenced by the proceedings against ...
— The German Classics of The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Vol. X. • Kuno Francke

... constitution can wait just a bit," Prince Trevannion suggested. "We have a great many items on the agenda which must be taken care of immediately. For instance, there's this thing about ...
— A Slave is a Slave • Henry Beam Piper

... jamdudum ortus. 3 Put on your shoes. Indue tibi ocreas. 4 Comb your head. Pecte caput tuum. 5 Light a candle and build a fire. Accende lucernum, et fac ut luceat faculus. 6 Carry the lantern. We must water Vulcanum in cornu geras. the horses. Equi aquatum agenda sunt. 7 It is a very hot day. Dies est ingens aestus. 8 Let's go to the barn. Jam imus horreum. 9 Grind the axes. Acuste ascias. 10 It is near twelve o'clock. Instat hora duodecima. 11 It is time ...
— A Busy Year at the Old Squire's • Charles Asbury Stephens

... incident. All of them seemed to be dependent upon each other for importance. If the objects that were reported in several of the incidents could be identified, the rest would merely become average UFO reports. The photographs taken by Carl Hart, Jr., became number one on the agenda. ...
— The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects • Edward Ruppelt

... of the Department; (12) coordinating and integrating all research, development, demonstration, testing, and evaluation activities of the Department; (13) coordinating with other appropriate executive agencies in developing and carrying out the science and technology agenda of the Department to reduce duplication and identify unmet needs; and (14) developing and overseeing the administration of guidelines for merit review of research and development projects throughout the Department, ...
— Homeland Security Act of 2002 - Updated Through October 14, 2008 • Committee on Homeland Security, U.S. House of Representatives

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